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Fifthcrisis / a FFVII compilation friendly RPG.

If posting this is against the rules, we're sorry. Please delete. But our opening day is soon, and we would like the talented writers here to consider joining us.


premise and gameplay ; world map ; rules ; reserved characters ; taken characters.
Six years after what many feared would be the end of the Planet, all has seemed peaceful. For two years now, life has gone on smoothly, following it's own course of ups and downs without any sort of outside influence. In recent months, however, things seem different, almost out of sorts. You can feel it in the air around you, taste it in the foods you eat. You can feel it in your being. Everything seems as though it's drained, slowly becoming lifeless as though something is sucking the very life force from the Planet.

Maybe something is. Lately there have been news reports about sections of the Planet turning up seemingly dead. Forests and grasslands are beginning to wither, animals are dying for no apparent reason. This is the next crisis to face the Planet, and if it can't be stopped, all life--the entire Planet--will dry up and crumble into space.

It's up to you to find a way to stop it. Welcome to the Planets Fifth Crisis, and you're right in the middle of it.
Welcome. This is a FFVII-based roleplay on Livejournal, focusing on the end of the Compilation of FFVII, three years after the end of Dirge of Cerberus. Please take a look through the Premise and Rule sections located on the navigation bars above and below this summary if you're thinking of joining us.

applications ; friend add / remove commands ; drops and hiatus notices.
profile ; layout ; Fifth Crisis OOC community ; Fifth Crisis log community ; .
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